Yes, that is correct! We are set up to provide small to medium businesses with affordable office options.

We offer month to month agreements which provide you the stability of having your own office as well as the flexibility you require to grow your business.

It’s up to you really. Typically your office will include one or two desks. If you require another desk, just let us know and we can make that happen. We allow our Team Riders to bring in additional or alternate furniture in order to make the space your own, but that’s your call.

There are no outgoings payable by you at The Boarding Office. We have a professional commercial cleaner service the offices weekly. All rooms are fitted with zoned air conditioning and there are no electricity bills for you to pay.

Most offices have been fitted with at least two hard-wired (Ethernet) outlets. We also have WIFI hubs strategically placed throughout the office.  We will supply you with the password to access this. We currently have the closest thing available in this area to 20/20 internet.

We offer the choice between various meeting options. There are rooms behind closed doors to seat around 6-8 people complete with a whiteboard. We also have The Boardroom, which is literally a room made of Mal Boards. This is a little larger seating up to 12 people.

While we do not impose limits on the bookings of these rooms, we do ask that Team Riders are mindful of other tenants and it definitely cannot be used as extra office space – these are meeting rooms only.

We have a communal printer/photocopier which you are able to access via a code we will provide to you upon commencement. Costs are minimal and work out much cheaper than using your own desktop printer:

A4 Black & White: $0.04c per print/copy
A4 Color: $0.14c per print/copy
There is NO COST for scanning.

As the costs are negligible, you will be invoiced monthly (or more infrequently) according to your usage.

Well, we aren’t RSVP but in the spirit of embracing the surfing / beach culture, we have regular social events being organized by either ourselves or fellow Team Riders. Anything from large networking evenings, luncheons and Melbourne Cup Day celebrations. Whatever is happening, we always have a laugh!

Although we prefer that you make an appointment so we can ensure you have the most informative tour of the premises, if you happen to be walking by, chances are you will catch us onsite and we’ll be able to show you around.

Yes. You may move in any day, however, your rent will be due on the first of every month whereby we will pro-rata your first month’s rent to reflect this payment cycle.

The Boarding Office requires that you pay your first month’s rent as a holding deposit. That along with a signed lease will hold the office for you.

We have collaborated with our IT specialists who can provide a Voip phone service should you need it. There are additional fees for this service. We find that most of our Team Riders prefer to use their mobile phones.

The average office space is approximately 11.5 m² with a few variations of configuration. We do have a couple of larger offices ranging from 19 m² to 50 m². Schedule a tour and if we have any space available, you can see for yourself.

Upon becoming a Team Rider, we will issue you a security key to allow you 24/7 access to the building. You may access your office any time as long as you make the building secure when you leave. Usual public opening hours are between 8:30am to 5:00pm on weekdays, however with your issued key, you can access the building when it suits you.

Absolutely! We have designed the work space environment to provide you with a variety of suitable options to meet with your visitors. While they’re here, they can check out the Surf Museum.

We’ve gone one step better than that! We have an onsite Café / Espresso outlet that offers the occasional sweet treat or lunchtime snack!

Our pet policy varies by building. Please enquire with The Boarding Office curator and they will be able to advise. If you are to bring your dog with you, you will be solely responsible for any injury or damage caused by your pet to property or other members.

We obviously cannot become a dog park, so first in, first served and if we find that any issues arise with other Team Riders as a result of your pet, then these will be addressed individually.

We will ask you for your details to be able to draw up the agreement which will then be emailed to you for signing. Once we receive the signed paperwork along with your first month’s rent as a deposit, then your office is secure. No bond or outgoings are required.

Yes! Whether you are a current Team Rider or just someone who likes the idea and you recommend a successful applicant for a Private Office Suite, then you will be issued with a $250 Myer Gift Voucher once the tenant has moved in.