We provide accessible, affordable office space for entrepreneurs to thrive!

Our approach to co-working spaces is to offer flexible, inclusive, and affordable serviced offices for those who don’t want a commercial lease’s long-term commitment.

At The Boarding Office, you can find a relaxed working atmosphere surrounded by functional art – our collection of hand-shaped and hand-painted vintage surfboards. All four* of our Sunshine Coast co-working spaces include individual serviced offices, dedicated desk spaces, large common areas, and meeting rooms to support collaboration with other business owners.

We are proud to be the co-working space that hundreds of Sunshine Coast business owners call home.

*Note being the grommet of the group (think little brother) not all facilities are available in Caloundra, please enquire for confirmation.

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Who We Are

Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Founders, Employees, Consultants, StartUps

Respectful, inclusive, positive, energetic, down to earth, supportive, connected, productive, motivated, driven, passionate, creative, focused and knowledgable

Serious in our work but not in ourselves

Always up for a chat/coffee/stiff drink/good time

Who We Aren´t

Scammers, hustlers, MLM's, serial networkers, time wasters

Egotistical, loud, obnoxious, psychopaths, offensive, rude, discriminatory or disrespectful

Politically correct or political at all

Negative or angry

8 Things You Should Know Before You Sign A Commercial Lease.

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The Founder

Keith Grisman is a Sunshine Coast-based property entrepreneur with one foot in the waves. He opened the doors of The Boarding Office with the vision to create affordable coworking spaces that step away from the corporate world, and instead embrace the supportive community that’s synonymous with surf culture. With a background in property sales, development and investment, Keith has seen the power a space can provide and is now focused on helping local businesses to thrive through his four Sunshine Coast coworking hubs.

What Our Tenants Say.

Ticks All The Boxes

What really brought me here was the quirkiness of it. It is so unique and different but elegant and sophisticated. I just saw potential here.

Jenny McEvoy

Enjoyable Atmosphere

We realised we didn’t want the responsibility of a full-term lease and couldn’t afford it. We came across you guys and the numbers looked good.

Rob Stinson

Engaging With People

We wanted to be more visible. We wanted to engage with people person to person. The physical presence gives us credibility. It’s easy to use and it has great facilities.

Lisa Fry

Nambour Alliance

We have a space for you.

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