8 Cheap & Fun Ways To Bring Your Office Space To Life

#1 Textiles that brighten your space

When you think of ‘fun’ office spaces, you think of areas that are bright and colourful. An easy way to splash some colour around your office is by adding textiles such as cushions and rugs. Nowadays retailers like target and kmart are making this a very affordable venture – providing designer replicas for a quarter of the price.

#2 Photos that remind you what’s important

One of the easiest ways to boost your mood at work is by reminding yourself what’s important. You can do this by finding images and mementos that make you feel happy and uplifted. Grab yourself a cork board or a pegboard and decorate it with these little items to boost your positivity everyday. Add in some coloured ribbons, stickers and graphics to give your board aesthetic appeal too.

#3 Indoor plants that breathe life

While flowers may not be for everybody, plants certainly are. Sure, indoor plants are beautiful to look at and they make great features within an office space, but perhaps more importantly – they inspire a feeling of wellness.

Indoor plants also happen to be the most hearty – meaning if you’re buying the right variety, they should be low maintenance. When you’re shopping for your next biodiverse-buddy look for something that suits your office’s environment. Consider whether you need something that can survive in low light like an aspidistra, or something that doesn’t require frequent watering like a succulent.

#4 Calendars that keep you together

While most of us have our lives planned out on our digital devices or diary planners – calendars make a fabulous wall decoration. You can get some super stylish and affordable ones that are handy to have on the wall when you just want a quick glimpse of what’s happening on your schedule.  If you’re low on wall space, there are millions of desktop calendars that will also make a beautiful little accessory, such as the ones with inspirational quotes and fun facts.

#5 Mugs that make you smile

If you’re like us and coffee is part of your daily routine – chances are, you spend a lot of time sipping from a mug. Investing in a fun mug allows you to show off a bit of personality. It’s also a small way you can put a smile on your face and perhaps the faces of your co-workers.

#6 Quotes that keep you motivated

While there may be thousands of tired, overused quotes and sayings out there – sometimes we find ones that really resonate with us. Words make fantastic decorations for otherwise plain, barren walls. These quotes could be company mission statements, names, quotes, figures, goals – anything and everything that reiterates who you are and what you stand for. A pro tip is to design and order these quotes as stickers so that they are easily removable if you happen to be renting an office space!

#7 Desks that make you stand up

Have you heard about the grim studies that have found that simply sitting down at work all day is shedding years off your life? It’s enough to make you want to ditch the office chair altogether. And luckily, we’re able to do that with stand-up desks. Of course, there are fancy convertible desks that will set you back thousands of dollars, but another option is to simply create one of your own. If you can find a sturdy box that you can simply slot in under your monitor, it has virtually the same effect. The best part is that you can switch between stand-up and sit-down anytime you want.

#8 Aromatherapy that keeps you calm

Aromatherapy has slipped into the mainstream in a very big way now that we’re focusing on our health and wellbeing – especially in the workplace. As smell is one of our most prominent senses, it has the ability to affect our emotions, our memory and our productivity.

The most common use of aromatherapy is to alleviate stress and essential oils work very well to do that because they are (usually) pure and free from the artificial chemicals you might get from air fresheners and candles.

Invest in an oil diffuser and some pure essential oils to keep your workspace productive and inviting. If you’re not able to fork out the big bucks for popular brands like doterra, opt for a cheap diffuser from kmart and look for essential oils that are as pure as you can find!

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