Brent Harris testimonial image

Good bang for buck

Brent Harris

The environment, it’s cool, clicky, but it works because there’s heaps of different trades and stuff in the one space. I think you’ve got the right people in here, it’s friendly....

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Lisa Fry testimonial image

A business that gives back

Lisa Fry

We wanted to be more visible. We wanted to engage with people person to person. The physical presence gives us credibility. It’s easy to use and it has great services and facilities. We really embrace...

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Rob Stinson testimonial image

Enjoyable atmosphere

Rob Stinson

We realised we didn’t want the responsibility of a full-term lease and couldn’t afford it. We came across you guys and the numbers looked good. We also just really liked the vibe. I wasn’t...

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Cesar Uylangco testimonial image

Attractive lease terms and flexibility

Cesar Uylangco

We were attracted to the lease terms and flexibility. The cost was an important factor, we wanted something that was low-commitment. We were happy with the offices. It’s a bit different in terms...

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Jonine Baker testimonial image

Great environment

Jonine Baker

The months I leased an office space here have been the most enjoyable during my 5 year term as a small business operator. The team have been nothing short of amazing and to order a coffee on my way up...

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Marcus Holland Eikeland testimonial image

Love the space and dog friendly!

Marcus Holland Eikeland

This is just an awesome space and you can tell Keith has put a lot of thought - not just in the interior decorations of surf boards - but the community values of which the space rests. I love the vibe,...

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Linda Hagen testimonial image

Nothing we didn't like

Linda Hagen

My CFO started looking around because the lease ended at our last office and we’re in a bit of a transition period. Initially it was a cost thing. We were trying to fill a gap and The Boarding Office...

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Jenny McEvoy testimonial image

Ticks all the boxes

Jenny McEvoy

What really brought me here was the quirkiness of it. It is so unique and different but elegant and sophisticated. I just saw potential here. I came in and told myself ‘don’t look too excited’...

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Gordon MacDonald testimonial image

Positive atmosphere and like minded people

Gordon MacDonald

After a year ‘residing’ at The Boarding Office, my business has never been better… I’m surrounded by like minded, positive people and find myself collaborating on a regular basis....

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Denielle Pohlner testimonial image

Affordability and professional environment

Denielle Pohlner

My boss has a love of surfing, so he loved the idea of The Boarding Office as well as the location and the affordability. We were looking for something that could provide a professional environment in...

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Richard Jones testimonial image


Richard Jones

We were looking for flexibility in the arrangement, good location, good facilities, good atmosphere and this space ticked all those boxes. We’re really happy here, it’s been great. Our team’s...

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Deborah Beer testimonial image

Fantastic atmosphere

Deborah Beer

Great Place to work, fantastic atmosphere and people. Keith has a wonderful support team and his super gorgeous PA Joanne makes everyone feel very cared for. There is a broad range of business here at...

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